Friday, December 02, 2005

Women in Mobile Data Lunch at The Sloane Club

was very good today so well done to Lisa Modisette who heads up the Women in Mobile Data Association for organising it. Annette Stimpson from Logica CMG was our guest speaker today and she gave a talk on the recent market study they did around content services and making money. There are some interesting key facts to note...
  • 20% of mobile phone subscribers worldwide have already downloaded content to their mobiles
  • User key concerns are [unsurprisingly IMHO]: Price, value for money, security and fraud
  • User key requirements are: Ease of use, ease of payments, ability to share information and the speed of the download
Annette also went on to talk about how necessary a targeted approach was and that there were many missed opportunities due to customers not being aware of services that are relevant for them. Most mobile content services being made by men for young men has skewed the mobile content industry and that has to change for the market to grow.

LogicaCMG also predicts that the content download market will be worth 7.6bn Euros globally next year and that within a year, the number of customers having experience content services is set to triple.

Europeans have the largest wallets and are most willing to pay for services but are the most conservative. The Asian market shows the most enthusiasm for new types of content with one in ten expected to be downloading full feature films to their handsets in 12 months time.

We'll be holding our next event in Barcelona (sponsor permitting) to coincide with 3GSM in February. And then I expect we'll be running a UK based event a month or two after that. So if you're a woman and work in mobile data then you might be interested in joining us. Details of how to get in touch are on the WIMD website.

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