Thursday, December 15, 2005

MusicBites Podcast: Industry Roundtable - The Year in Digital Music

I was very pleased to be invited by Mike Butcher (pictured), over at MusicBites, to take part in his podcast this morning discussing the year in digital music.

Participating were:

Paul Sanders, Co-founder of Playlouder MSP, the ground-breaking subscription music ISP.

Nick Watt, Director with New Media Knowledge and In The City, the annual music conference.

Helen Keegan, Founder and Managing Director of Beep Marketing, the mobile marketing agency and a specialist in mobile music (err, that's me).

The discussion was chaired by Mike Butcher, Editor and Publisher of

We talked about lots of things - the impact of the ipod and Sony PSP, digital rights management, cost to download (especially on mobile music), how listeners are consuming music these days and lots more besides.

It's quite long for a podcast at 50 minutes but we enjoyed doing it so hopefully you'll enjoy listening to it. Wander over to MusicBites to download and listen.

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