Thursday, November 24, 2005

Starsight Project coverage in the Financial Times

I was very excited to see coverage in the FT for the award-winning Starsight Project. Mike Butcher interviewed Steve Flaherty a few weeks ago and this is the result: Lamp posts are leap from dark. I expect we'll be seeing more press coverage in the coming weeks and months as the pilot projects progress in Africa. And as Mike says, who knows, we might even see Starsight lamp posts in the Scottish Highlands!

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  1. Anonymous9:04 am GMT


    Scotland was at the forefront of renewable energy development this week when a new strategic partnership was announced between Fife-based Compliance Technology (CTL) and the Abertay Centre for the Environment (ACE). CTL are introducing the very latest in photovoltaic technology to Scotland by piloting solar street lighting innovatively combined with leading edge WIFI/WIMAX technology - project StarSight.

    Barry Summers, CTL Managing Director, says he is delighted with the forward thinking attitude of the Scottish environmental industry. “Scotland was our first choice for a European showcase for the StarSight project, and being able to work with a world-renowned group like ACE is definitely going to be to our advantage. StarSight is a joint initiative which was driven from Europe and developed in the Far East.”

    Calum McRae, Head of CTL Scotland is now working closely with the management team at ACE, based in the University of Abertay in Dundee, and is charged with responsibility for making sure the pilot scheme is ready for the marketplace before the end of the financial year. “The new photovoltaic technology, which will be showcased in Dundee, will mean that no local community needs to be without reliable, economic street lighting with the added benefit of WIFI technology outside their front doors.”
    StarSight Partnership -2…

    Mary Cowie, Director of ACE said, “CTL have a ground-breaking product which we at ACE are extremely pleased to be involved with. The pilot scheme will involve not only ACE, but students from the University of Abertay who will be able to play a hands on role in shaping the technology of tomorrow.” ACE will test the technology in a real-world setting, and assess both its performance and it social, economic and environmental impacts. Ace will also identify a range of potential development partners for the project.

    Green MSP Robin Harper is also backing the idea, “This is a truly exciting and innovative project, with huge possibilities in sustainability terms, and in reducing environmental impact. I wish StarSight all the best for this pilot project.”


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