Monday, June 06, 2005

Shock, horror - women buy more mobile games than men!

I just picked up this story via Moconews that women are buying more mobile games than men and not only that, they like different games than men. Well, I'd never have guessed that (*grins*). Reading between the lines, it looks lik women enjoy games they already know how to play (like cards and puzzle games). And, as James points out, it just means that women are as likely to buy mobile games if there are games that they want out there to buy. Now, when can I buy and download a decent trivia quiz, solitaire game, reversi and connect 4 to my K700i? I've actually been looking for Solitaire since I got my phone a year ago. And I still can't find one that's compatible. If anyone knows where I can get any of the above, please comment or let me know.

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