Monday, June 13, 2005

International Day of Sexy and Attractive People - 12 June 2005

It seems that yesterday was International Day of Sexy and Attractive People. Well at least according to the text message I received yesterday afternoon out of the blue (and yes, I was very flattered):

Today is International Day of SEXY & ATTRACTIVE people. Send this to someone who fits the description! Don't send it back to me, I've received ****ing hundreds.

I wonder how far this message got? Anyone else get it?


  1. Well, after receiving exactly the same text message today (27th April, 2007) I decided to see if its content was true and did a bit of "googling."
    Your blog was the first to appear.
    It's hard to believe that a marketing gimmick started two years ago has now reached Australia.
    I wonder where it began....

  2. Thanks for sharing Rhonda. Sounds like this one still has some way to go. No idea where it began and even less idea as to where it will end!


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