Monday, December 13, 2010

It’s Monday. It must mean there are mobile links to share.

In an attempt to put some sort of order into the chaos that are my twitter favourites, saved links and open tabs, here’s a blogpost outlining some stuff I’ve been looking at lately.

Venture Capitalist, Fred Wilson, explains where he thinks a mobile developer’s focus should be including insight into the different platforms and the somewhat controversial view: ‘I believe mobile economics will trend toward web economics. there aren't many paid web sites. freemium works, but often you are in a free model.' The comments are also well worth reading.

Bango releases it’s latest free Whitepaper on mobile analytics with interviews and comments from industry experts. It includes key factors driving successful mobile campaigns, and offer hints and tips for brands seeking to replicate this success. The report also highlights the common mistakes that result in lower than expected results, and examines the dangers of using PC web analytics to gauge the success of mobile campaigns. It also talks about the importance of feature phones and how the various smartphone platforms play out.

Stuart Rose, outgoing CEO of Marks & Spencer, warns that companies must radically change – and work together – and that business models must be geared towards sustainability and finite resources: . This resonates with me on many levels.

The five myths of building a great mobile team are discussed on Techcrunch. The writer has come at this from a technical angle, and probably a Silicon Valley angle which is only a small percentage of the mobile market, and even with that in mind, I’m not sure I entirely agree. There is some truth to them though and it does make you sit up and think. I encourage you to read the comments which, for once on Techcrunch, are enlightening.

Ric Ferraro was sadly unable to get to his session at Mobile Monday Oslo recently, but has kindly shared the presentation he was going to give there. It’s about location and contextual search – worth a look.

And finally for this post, Ben Smith takes a look at why mobile data pricing is all wrong. When I get the chance, I’ll be adding my 2p too, and you should too, but in the meantime, you’ll just have to read the article (and comments to date).