Monday, December 06, 2010

Does enough thought go into mobile design?

Mobile Design is a hot topic these days. I heard a great story the other day… it seems that not enough attention is paid to the role of design when building mobile applications, sites and services. At a mobile event, the audience of mainly technical developers were asked if they designed their own assets for the products they built. And pretty much everyone put their hand up. Then they were asked if any of them felt qualified to apply for a job as a designer. Almost none of them raised their hand. Hmm. Something to think about I’d say.

So if this did make you think, then you might be interested in this Study of Trends in Mobile Design from Smashing Magazine . It’s in-depth and because of that, may be worth investing in the e-book which should be easier to navigate and read. This was recommended reading from Stephanie Rieger of Yiibu, who also happen to be a great little mobile design company and who are also behind this great article and presentation on Rethinking the Mobile Web.