Thursday, September 10, 2009

Forum Oxford round-up

Apologies for not posting this up for absolutely ages. Even though it’s from back in April, I think it’s still worth a look.

I was invited to speak at the Forum Oxford annual event at the University of Oxford back in April and a very good day it was too. It’s always great to hang out with Tomi Ahonen anyway but on top of that, there were a great range of speakers and topics covered – probably ones that I wouldn’t normally be exposed to – and it was all the better for that.

Rather than rehashing the event here for you, I’ll share some links from other people who covered the event so you can experience a taste of it for yourself.

Martin Sauter from Wireless Moves gives a comprehensive round-up of the event here.

Jonathan Marks, the roving ForumOxford reporter compiled a series of videos about the event:

· Impressions from Forum Oxford 2009 (including a couple of soundbites from yours truly)

· Interview with Professor William Webb, Head of Research and Development at OFCOM

· Interview with Simon Cavill, Chief Technology Officer / Director of Strategy, Mi-Pay

· Interview with Graham Trickey, Senior Director, GSM Association

If you have still not joined ForumOxford, which is free by the way, click here for details (if prompted, use the enrolment key forumoxford)