Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Premium Rate Services have now been renamed to Phone Paid Services

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Phone Pay Plus (formerly known as ICSTIS) has just published a comprehensive report (77 pages no less) on the UK market for what was formerly known as Premium Rate Services and now known as phone-paid services.

There are some interesting facts that come out of it such as

  • 48% of UK customers had made use of phone-paid services at some point in the previous six months (so that's TV voting, chat, ringtone, horoscope, directory enquiries purchase by either mobile phone or fixed line etc)
  • It is estimated that the phone-paid market had contracted by 15% from an estimated GBP1080 million in 2007 to GBP920 million in 2008 (still a pretty healthy figure mind, all things considered)
  • The level of innovation is low (particularly in fixed line phone-paid), which limits the potential for developing more interesting services which is a factor in the decline in market size
  • Video could be ripe for growth in this market (video seems to be the poster child for all areas of digital at the moment)

Anyway, if phone-paid services are your thing, then this report is going to be worth a look. You can download the full PDF here. Other Phone Pay Plus research can be found here.

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