Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Linktastic on a Wednesday

I have too many browser tabs open so it's time to clear down a few by writing them up here. So forgive some of the randomness but I'm a bit short on time what with preparing for Barcelona Mobile World Congress and the like and I thought it better to get them down on the interwebz than forget about them.

First the bad news... it seems that in just two weeks, Informa has changes its mind over the state of the mobile nation and fears that the credit crunch is now hitting the mobile industry. The figures don't surprise me much as there's only so long you can keep up that kind of growth rate. What interests me more is how the credit crunch affects mobile marketing and media more specifically... time will tell I guess.

In other news...

Blyk discovers that young people want mobile data (no sh1t Sherlock?!). It always amazed me that Blyk didn't pioneer their service with mobile data from the outset. I understood the reason to be around the fact they couldn't get a decent wholesale data rate and it looks like that problem has been solved. Recent research I've been doing into the mobile audience shows the youth sector to be the fastest growing segment of mobile data users - I'm guessing primarily led by usage of sites like facebook, flirtomatic, peperonity et al on their mobiles.

The FT relaunches its mobile offering with a brand spanking new version with greater touchscreen elements. I don't have a touchscreen, so if you do, and you're trying on your mobile, let me know how it's doing. I've always been a fan of's mobile services so I have every hope that this latest iteration will be just as good.

Are you into location-based mobile services and location-based social networking for business or pleasure? Or just curious to know what's out there? Then this blogpost and useful list is well worth a look. I voted for Rummble and Dopplr, but then I am slightly biased since I'm a non-exec advisor to Rummble these days (amongst many hats I wear - good job I like hats ;))

In mobile marketing news, it appears that mobile marketing is burning hot in Japan and Rogier Bikker explains why. Meanwhile over at SMS is the New Black, Patrick shares with us a comprehensive case study of mobile marketing in use at Kraft Foods. Both posts are worth a gander.

I met with Ken Banks recently and a very nice chat we had too. His thing is about how to capitalise on mobile technology in Africa such as his Frontline SMS product (which is great by the way, how come more people don't know about it?). He also writes an interesting blog if you're keen to gen up on what's happening across the continent of Africa. I particularly liked this post on the social mobile long tail.

And last but not least, I recently discovered the Ladygeek blog and met with the lovely Belinda who's one of the ladies behind it. I'm a new fan! It really chimed with me as I've long been frustrated that women's technology needs are not well catered for, even in 2009.

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