Wednesday, May 07, 2008

MobiTV passes 4m

At least that's what Mobile Entertainment Magazine tells us this month. MobiTV claims to have over 4 million subscribers which is more than all of the IPTV customers in Europe. MobiTV is now adding a million subscribers every 6 months by whitelabelling their streaming TV services for mobile network operators globally.

Bearing in mind that MobiTV isn't the only mobile TV service out there either on or off-portal (Rok for example), I find this very encouraging. And I expect we might find a European surge in interest during Euro 2008 (I'm not sure what impact it will have on the UK market since England isn't playing...).

Yes, mobile TV is still small fry compared with some other mobile services. And implementation and execution to date by the network operators has been poor but it's another of those things that isn't going away.

Update 8 May 2008: Mobile TV is spreading in Europe and to the US (NY Times). "Every day in Switzerland, 40,000 people watch a 100-second television news broadcast on their cellphones. In Italy, a million people pay as much as 19 euros each ($29) a month to watch up to a dozen mobile TV channels."

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