Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Eight Random Things About Me

I got tagged by Thayer on this a couple of months and thought it was about time I responded. I'm pretty sure I've had this meme before but it's probably quite a while ago so probably time for a new one. So here are my 'Eight Random Things About Me'. Sorry it's taken me so long Thayer!

1. John Archer gave me chicken pox. Yes, that's right, as in John Archer, from BBC Radio 4's long-running soap The Archers. The actor who played him, Sam Barriscale, was in youth theatre with me and we were both in Peter Pan. I played Slightly Soiled and he played Tootles. Anyway, young Sam had been given the all-clear from the doc re his chicken pox. Only the doctor got it wrong and Sam gave three of us chicken pox, right in the middle of rehearsals. It was touch and go whether we'd be well enough to go on, but we made it!

The Lost Boys backstage

2. I run a brownie pack in Tooting. And my brownies love doing all the same things that I used to love doing when I was a brownie. Very reassuring in this digital day and age.

3. I'm good with a needle and thread. I started making clothes for my Sindy doll when I was about 7 and then started making my own clothes when I was 10. The first proper garment I made was a blue floral cotton A-line skirt. I did this at school and really enjoyed it. So much so, that my father bought me a sewing machine. I've been sewing ever since, although I don't have the time and space to do this much nowadays.

4. I have a left ear advantage. That means I hear better in my left ear than my right. This is common in women apparently.

5. I have a thing for shoes. I'm trying to control it. It's hard!

6. Barcelona is my favourite city outside of London. Many a good time to be had in that city and many wonderful people to meet and hang out with. Including the inspirational women at Linqia.

7. I had my first TV appearance when I was 6 on Pebble Mill at One. My moment of glory was blowing a whistle to camera to get the litter picking started. (My primary school were drafted in to kick start a pick-up litter campaign).

8. I've ridden an elephant in the Thai jungle and got attacked by ants as a result as the elephant decided to disturb an ant's nest in marching its way through the trees.

9. My favourite place on earth is Port Erin in the Isle of Man. I wish my family still had an apartment there. I miss it. This is me, aged about 6, in Port Erin with my big sister.

Sisters in Port Erin

10. I spent a summer in Great Yarmouth when I was very small. This is my favourite picture of that summer, taken by my father.

helen in yarmouth

As for tagging other folks, I'm going to leave it to my readers to be proactive and pick up on the thread as they see fit!