Friday, March 24, 2006

We luv 2 txt

Yup, it's official, us Brits are still in love with texting according to the latest press release from the MDA (Mobile Data Association)...

"February’s text messaging total reached 2.7 billion messages. Person-to-person texts sent across the UK GSM network operators last month show an increase of 26% on the total sent during the same period in 2005.

February’s figure provides an average of 99 million messages being sent per day in the UK. However on February 14th handsets proved to be the red-hot choice for confirming those 3 little words 'I love you' as romantics across the UK chose to send 120 million text messages compared with the 10 million cards estimated to have been delivered by the Post Office."

So, with a population of 59.8m, and you take away very young people, very old people and people with big fingers and thumbs, that's a lot of text messages per person every day. With that much texting going on, I think it's time that the network operators reviewed their text charges. Find out more over at Ewan's 'Make Texting Cheaper' campaign website.

Photo from flickr.

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