Thursday, March 12, 2009

Female tech entrepreneurs – Call for entries


With Astia’s ‘Doing it Right’ initiative.

I’ve just been tipped off that Astia, the Silicon Valley leader in programmes that accelerate the funding and growth of women-led start-ups, has just launched its programme in the UK for high-potential, high-growth, women led startups  across Europe. The programme is called ‘Doing it Right’ and the closing date for entries is 22nd April 2009. So you’ve got just over a month ladies to pull it all together.

Since 2003, Astia’s US programme has had over a 60% fundraising success, raised more than $495M for presenting companies and had 11 exits including two IPOs. With high expectations to match this success in Europe, there has never been a better time to be a woman entrepreneur and tap into Astia’s community of over 450 experts, serial entrepreneurs and CEOs in the Valley and UK. And this certainly sounds very good to me – especially in these tough credit crunch times.

Geared around finding funding, Astia’s innovative programmes ensure companies gain access to capital, achieve and sustain high-growth, and build highly successful global businesses. Sharon Vosmek, CEO of Astia, commented: “The Astia programme has managed to make a true difference to women in innovative businesses in the US. We are all about results and measure our success by the success of the companies in our programme. The UK programme is launching at a challenging but exciting time for high-growth businesses and we see a real opportunity to make a difference.”

The London programme is open for applications at for women (at C level) in innovative technology, seeking financing. 

Key dates:
22 April: Application deadline
11-14 May: Doing it Right London programme 
15 May: London company screening day 
18 June: London investor forum

Anyone wanting to apply should visit

I wonder if Sharon Vosmek will be profiled as part of the Finding Ada initiative on 24th March…? I’m still deciding who I’m going to cover.


  1. Anonymous2:59 pm GMT

    Isn't this totally sexist? That that wasn't allowed anymore...

  2. Some might describe it as sexist but it is certainly legal and is a great opportunity to help redress the balance in business.

    Care to look at the facts as to why something like this is necessary - even in 2009?

    And how about Obama's take on the issue?

    What is currently sexist is the continued disparity in earnings for men and women for the same roles, the continued dismissal of women's opinions and contribution in the workplace and boardroom and continued violence vented against women.

  3. I should add also that the call is for 'female-led' businesses and not 'all-female' businesses - the latter being somewhat unrealistic. Programmes like this just help redress the balance which, overall, is a good thing.


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