Monday, September 01, 2008

The weird and wonderful world of T-Mobile's pricing strategies

Oh dear. T-Mobile seems to think that charging lots of money for SMS is a good thing. I must admit, I'm a T-Mobile customer, and have been for years, and generally they represent good value for money for UK-based services. But as soon as you step of this small island I call home, then the charges soon rack up. I particularly baulk at the thought of paying 40p per SMS yet it's only 20p to send a MMS. The trouble is, the carrier you roam on doesn't necessarily support MMS and you'd never know one way or the other if they did so you have absolutely no idea if your MMS would get through.

And then I pick up on this snippet from Martin Geddes. Not only do T-Mobile want to charge over the odds for SMS when you're roaming. They also want to charge you for all the failed messages you send too. And not just a little bit of a charge, a whopping 30p a go.

Sheesh. And this is a good idea because???

I do hope Ofcom and\or Otelo have something to say about this and not let this one slip through the net. OUTRAGEOUS!! 

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Telepocalypse by Martin Geddes: We hate our customers

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