Saturday, June 24, 2006

Fox Mobile top tips for video content

I'm currently selling my soul as a consultant to Mr Murdoch (well, doing some consultancy for one of his firms and they're lovely so I'm pleasantly surprised by my experience). As such, I'm interested in what his various companies are up to in mobile so I was interested to spot this, via Fierce mobile, via, giving Mitch Feinman's thoughts on mobile video.

These are the excerpts that Fierce highlighted:

  • Audio tip for mobisodes: "Rule about sound: Less is better. Don't want to crowd the soundtrack--it would cause too much confusion."
  • Visual tip for mobisodes: "Mobile phone screens are darker than their larger counterparts. The scenes need to be shot brighter so that they are more easily viewed."
  • On the success of some mobile properties: "Family Guy has been hugely popular on the mobile platform. Since its launch in February 2005, there have been nearly 3 million downloads of Family Guy mobile content--ringers, games, wallpaper and ringtones."
  • On American Idol: "This year, there were nearly 65 million text messages throughout the fifth season of American Idol, breaking last year's record of 41.5 million text messages."
  • On next steps: "In terms of future mobisodes or mobile video leveraging these properties, it is certainly possible and we are actively considering and doing more around properties with existing mobisodes series. It is we will continue experimenting on what works for consumer."
And if you're wanting more information about where mobile tv and video are going, then it's well worth joining the Oxford Forum (it's free) and checking out this thread. Very insightful on what's happening in this area, especially the disruption it could cause. It includes commentary from Tom Ahonen, Steve Flaherty and Ajit Jaokar.

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