Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Electric Picnic was fab

except I've come back from Ireland with a horrible chest infection and now on antibiotics. Hence radio silence!
Hard to single out the best bits but certainly the best bands were Kraftwerk, Mercury Rev, James Blunt, Dublin Gospel Choir, Roykssop and De La Soul - probably in that order. Other best bits were the silent disco (Fatboy Slim was dj-ing at 4am Sunday morning), Lost Vagueness (see left for the Laundrettas and the peg contest) and the food - my favourite food stall from Cornbury was there. The tent held out compared with all the shonky tents we saw around us. We didn't have a drop of rain the whole time we were in Ireland although I did wear my wellies a bit. And I met some err Scottish men (there's some quip there but I can't think of it). I'll be back next year definitely when it's rumoured to be a 3-day festival. If you see me ask me about my lucky penny. Highly recommend.

I even took in a bit of mobile marketing whilst I was there. Hypertag was doing its thing for Vodafone. The idea was that you bluetooth the promotion person for a chance to win a big prize (can't remember what it was). But she actually had to take my phone from my hand and place it on her console to get it to work. Took about 5 minutes. Way too long when you're at a festival and have better things to do. Needless to say, I didn't win. All I got was a money-off voucher (pic on the right).

Check out the photos on flickr or moblog. The picture sets are the same but there are additional video clips of Kraftwerk and the Dublin Gospel Choir on moblog.

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    I look forward to seeing you there



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