Tuesday, May 29, 2007

It's been a while

but I've been really busy with events and client stuff and life generally... So what *have* I been doing..
  • A New Media day for a client in Oxford with my friend and colleague Lloyd
  • A slot at the MDA half-day seminar on the future of mobile marketing
  • A session with Dan from Sponge and George from Iris about the future of mobile and music with the lovely folks from Sony Ericsson in their fab meeting place just near Brick Lane (I can't tell you where it is otherwise I'd have to kill you!)
  • The launch of Imaginary Futures by Richard Barbrook (a very interesting book explaining the history of the internet so we can see what the future might look like)
  • The Said Business School Media Summit at Oxford University sponsored by Amdocs (notes and video clips available)
  • A session on preparing students for 21st Century careers for academics at the University of Westminster (I'm alumni and I lecture on the MA in Integrated Marketing)
  • Oh, and I've been trying to catch up on admin, client work (of which there's a fair bit to be getting on with), doing a bit of twittering, messing around with facebook and myspace, thinking about what to blog on MobileMessaging2 (I'm one of their bloggers which is very nice to be asked), thinking about what to blog here (and losing all my firefox tabs that were open and then didn't restore :( ) and preparing presentations for Knock Knock and the IDM.
Phew. So you can see why I have been a bit quiet of late. I promise I'll try and do better over the next few weeks. With a bit of luck you'll be seeing missives from Denmark as of tomorrow and Monte Carlo as of Monday next week.


  1. Great to have you with us, Helen!

    Looking forward to the next one ... or maybe Swedish Beers.


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