Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Invaluable advice for new (and existing) managers

I've been catching up on some blog reading and stumbled across this excellent post on what being a manager means, especially where technical project management is required. Tom explains that the posts have been linked to from a few project management blogs over in the US and also, is required reading for several tech firms in Silicon Valley and beyond. And I've had a read, and it really is required reading for any manager, especially someone who's new to the role. Maybe there's a book in there Tom?

And while we're talking about management, here are some top communication tips for IT managers. More sensible advice and straight-talking and not just for techie folk! I know plenty people who still mumble and don't open their mouths when they talk and it's so unnecessary!


  1. Hi! - Which post are you referring to? The link you provided links to a category page, not the post itself. (?)

  2. @ Nadir
    The category page holds all the posts in sequence. You should read the whole thing as it covers all of Tom's talk that he did at NotCon.

  3. Got it! I downloaded the PPT file, good stuff ;) tx


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